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  • Quality

    Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We source our Camilla Sinensis tea leaves from around the world in partnership with organic/sustainable family farms, and our herbs and infusions from trusted providers with equally high quality standards.

  • Fun

    We think tea is fun, and we want our customers to think so, too! From funny blend names to unique flavors that make you smile with each cup, from blends inspired by fiction to whimsical accessories that make brewing an adventure, we celebrate the vibrant and lighthearted side of tea.

  • Flavor

    Tea is far more than just hot, leaf juice. With the right blends and the right steeping process, tea has as many different flavors, aromas, and body varieties as coffee or wine — if not more, because the only limit on tea blends and tisanes is your imagination.

    We believe a bad-tasting tea is a pointless tea: no matter how many health benefits a blend might have, if you don’t enjoy drinking it, you won’t — and you won’t get those health benefits, either. We create each of our health-support blends with an equal focus on function and flavor so that you’ll enjoy every cup. Mary Poppins was right after all!

  • Functionality

    As strongly as we believe in the fun of a good blend, we also believe in the importance of functionality. We thoroughly research and test each functional blend until we’re satisfied with our results, and our customers often come back to tell us how pleased they are, as well. Legal interlude: neither our teas nor our statements have been tested or reviewed by the FDA. Please consult a qualified healthcare provider before using, especially if pregnant or nursing.

    In addition to our blends, we choose our tea accessories with the goal of making the steeping process easy and enjoyable. Whether you're a long-time loose-leaf lover or a brave new adventurer to the land of loose-leaf tea, we’ll help you make each cup a delicious success.

Caffeine Teas

Hop on a taste adventure where energy collides with flavor in our Caffeine Tea Collection! We've handpicked the coolest black, green, and oolong teas around, each bursting with unique vibes to jazz up your taste buds. Looking for a classic morning wake-up or an exotic afternoon boost? We've got your back with the perfect brew to energize your day in the most delicious way. Let’s make every sip a funky, flavor-packed journey!

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Herbal Teas (No Caffeine)

Kick back and chill with our fab range of Herbal Teas! Totally caffeine-free and packed with fun vibes, this collection's got all sorts of herbal mixes, each whipped up to give you the chillest tea time ever. Dive into the goodness of stuff like chamomile, peppermint, and hibiscus, and treat yourself to a zen moment or a cozy night in.

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Beyond our handmade tea blends, we partner with local artists to offer an assortment of handmade tea accessories. Make teatime yours with customizable tea infusers and decorative charms, or personalize your tea tumbler or mug with our shark tea stickers!

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  • Exquisite Quality

    At Kitefin Teas & Sundries, we're all about the good stuff. Our teas? Straight from the top estates, baby. We're talking flavor explosions in every sip. It's not just quality; it's our obsession. Join us, and let's dive into a world of premium, lip-smacking tea together!

  • Diverse Selection

    Dive into a world of tea and good vibes at Kitefin! We've got it all, from strong, wake-me-up brews to chill herbal blends, plus some rad accessories. Whether you're a tea enthusiast or just curious, there's always something cool to uncover in our collection. Come hang out and find your flavor!

  • Exceptional Experience

    At Kitefin, we're all about giving you a rockin' customer experience. Our website's a breeze to navigate, we pack your goodies with love, and our client feedback is always appreciated!We want every moment with us to be as sweet as our teas and sundries. Kick back and enjoy!

Why Kitefin?

Turns out that when you start a company, they make you name it. Sharks are awesome, and kitefin sharks are cute and whimsical - that's all there is to it!

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